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Ben Laine

New Hampshire

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Featured Song: I Am here

Ben Laine’s Testimony: While in 5th grade I started to teach myself piano and along with that came songwriting. Since then God has blessed me with many many songs in which I have written. My main Goal is to reach people for Christ and impact lives with my music. I write songs based off of lyrics. If it’s something going on in my life that I feel others would relate to Usually God takes over and the lyrics just flow. I pray that God will be able to use me to further his kingdom and bless others with his words!


Beyond Sonic

Springfield, VT

beyond sonic
Featured song: Chart the Stars
Beyond Sonic’s Testimony: Last year I launched Beyondsonic. Growing up, I became fond of electronic/pop music for the exciting, inspiring beats, and its ability to keep a song stuck in your head. My heart was overwhelmed with this calling to use electronic music to praise God in a way that had never been expressed before. I have invested my musical and technical talents for 6 years, learning everything I could about songwriting, music production, and recording. Part of that was spending nearly four years at a Bible college in Charleston, Maine. There I studied the Scriptures in depth to ensure nothing I wrote would contradict the Word of God, but found in it an infinite source of inspiration from which to write. I am a worship leader and song writer; married to my beloved wife; and on October of 2016, I finally published my first official album as Beyondsonic, called “The Heavens Declare”! My music is and always will be Beyondsonic – more than just good beats and catchy tunes reverberating in your ears – it’s a message of hope, truth, and love, and radical praise and glory to our God Almighty.

Chasing the Light

Augusta, ME


Featured song: Spark
Chasing the Light’s Testimony: Chasing The Light’s rise seems to be guided from a powerful and intentional hand. Since the band’s formation in late 2013, they’ve played over 100 shows, performed to crowds as large as 20,000, and have become one of the fastest rising Christian rock bands in the East. Chasing The Light is comprised of guitarist/vocalist Abraham Stephens, keyboard/synth player Jonathan Stephens, bassist Nathaniel DeLeon, and drummer Aaron O’Neil. After meeting at youth camps and other church related events, the group began performing around New England and Eastern Canada, testing the waters for their debut material that eventually became their self titled EP. When asked of their objective for the upcoming material, the band responded: “We just want to give people hope.”

Matthew Oulette

Waterville, ME

Matthew Oulette

Featured Song: Overcome
Matthew Oulette’s Testimony: Husband to Missy and father of two – I’ve been a worship and youth pastor for over 8 years in Central Maine. I’ve been a songwriter since junior high. The harsh realities of the Scriptural songwriters inspire my lyric and dare me to be real with the God who loves me.

Rena Bold

Rena Photo
Featured Song: Alive & Well

Rena Bold’s Testimony: Rena accepted Chris in 1999 at a camp meeting service at Christian Life Church. This pivotal moment launched her passion for music. She began singing in the church choir and later became the Choir Director and eventually the Music Director. She enjoys being able to develop others of all ages in their gifts and talents and watch them grow and thrive.

Rena is extremely passionate about breaking down barriers that divide and joining forces with other churches in worship of the King of Kings to bring heaven down to earth. She believes that as we unite to lift up who He is, that God will bless and anoint where we’ve unified (as Psalm 133 declares) and His anointing will break and shatter strongholds so that His glory will be revealed.


Travis Pinkham

Wilton, ME
Travis Pinkham - GC
 Featured Song: Jesus Strong

Travis Pinkham Testimony: 1 Corinthians 8 & 9

“He will keep you strong to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful.” I draw hope from these words and what the Bible teaches us. My faith grows stronger every time I pray. Prayer, Bible reading, and fellowship are the essentials to knowing God and having a strong relationship with him. My song talks about tragedy, but no matter what tragedies we face we have to remain strong in our faith and realize that Jesus is with us to the end. We have to be Jesus Strong.